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              • Product Videos for PrestaShop

                Product Videos

                for PrestaShop

                Increase your sales with better video presentation of your product.

                Display product videos by Upload , Youtube, Vimeo or Daily motion. Manage them, resize them, caption them, color the border and border shades to your own preference. 

                Much Much more..

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              • Linux Web Hosting

                Linux Hosting

                Try our fast, reliable linux web hosting.

                The customers who have joined us are still going strong with us for years and years.

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              • New Customer Registration

                New Customer Registration

                Email Validation &

                Google Recaptcha

                Activation new customer registration account through their email. Google re_captcha  in registration  form and contact form. Get rid of non activated account prior to a specified period. Choose form expire validation link in days to infinite days to expire validation link. Manage Translations' within the module. Email sent for validation translations also within the module.

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              Who are we??

              We are well versed programmers that make your websites intelligent and  with featured content. Specially if someone wants a shopping cart.

              That's it ????

              Well we don't boast of our work with words, we actually do it. Try us once.....